The ”Dr. Bob” Late Movember 4-Man Co-ed Memorial Classic

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Abahaka reissues the Splendido Allstars* “Herve” commemorative shirt

• May 2, 2010 • 2 Comments

Serie: Imágenes ABAHAKA. Primera instalación – la reinterpretación de un clásico. Hecha por la diseñadora gráfica Julia Beynon

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Four the last time…Geoff Boucher asks, EPR answers – give us another dude with fuzzy feet but let Spidey, Jack, and the Mutants go their separate ways.

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Andre and Sarah Charboneaux: pendejos que cocinan comida chingona, Amuse Bouche is culinary genius served with emotional abuse and francocentric neuroses

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Noisettes release 2nd album: A little less ferocious… but still a solid set of cacahuates!

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Is it possible to be a squeezebox rockstar? El Pollo Rico dice que sí. Bajofondo @ Mayan Theater, Downtown Los Angeles, September

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