1. WHAT IS ABAHAKA? …¿qué chingada es esto camarada? – in english.

Damas y Caballeros,

As you can see, abahaka is in its nascent stages.  While the focus of this forum/hub/presence is the emergence of thought provoking and entertaining developments that emanate from the SUR-NORTE axis of the western hemisphere, the format is purposefully flexible to account for the reality of life’s unpredictability and allow El Pollo Rico and his compañeros to create content on any issue, in any location, whether it be profound or inane…so long as it provides you with entertainment, inspiration, diversion, or maybe even a morsel of education.  Over the coming weeks, El Pollo Rico will be working with his comrades to make the site more sophisticated and the content more compelling.  Indeed, there has been much to discuss this verano (norte) / invierno (sur): The continuing political saga in Honduras; Chevron’s court case in Ecuador; the largely neglected conflict over management of Peru’s natural resources in the Amazon basin; Ciudad Juarez as the symbol of ever evolving drug violence in Mexico… the tip of the iceberg.  In the mean time, we will be posting on some issues with a bit less gravitas in an effort to get our feet wet and learn the technical nuances of this interweb presence.  You will notice that a majority of the content is in English but that Spanish and Portuguese appear – sometimes without warning – in articles and other content.  This is not meant to exclude but rather to mix, blend, and include all of the languages that inspire and comprise the abahaka nation.

Etymology – abahaka is the gringo-fied spelling of the Portuguese “a barraca” which refers to the little tents and huts that dot the sands on the beaches of Brazil.  The simplicity, beauty, utility, and equality of access to these modest outposts of hospitality form the base model for the more technologically savvy gathering place that this web presence offers.  abahaka also forms the metaphorical umbrella for the sponsorship of arts, culture, entertainment and intelligent political dialogue, always with a focus on the concentric circles of “local” — local street, local city, local state, local hemisphere — but balanced with an awareness of the global.



Who the hell is El Pollo Rico?  Good question.  EPR was found wandering along a beach near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  His exact origins are uncertain.  He appears to be norteamericano, perhaps from El Sur de California…but there is evidence of his exploits in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and throughout the Estados Unidos.  He says he was birthed in a hailstorm of molten lava from the womb of the Mombacho Volcano…and when you make contact with the crazy yet playful fire in his eyes, it’s tempting to believe him.  A revolutionary at times, absent minded at others, he is a lover of words, water, women, wood, as well as many things in this world that don’t begin with the letter “w”… like burritos.  When we first crossed paths with EPR he smiled, thrust his fist in the air and shouted “Hasta la Victoria, siempre!”  We thought he was quoting Che Guevarra… but as he ran toward the bar, we realized he meant “Cereveza Victoria”…  basically Nicaraguan Budweiser.  Nonetheless, he is here to point us towards a better future.  Follow EPR and you’ll see that what he represents is universal but always evolving…as all of us should.  Rather than pigeonhole the man, have fun and draw your own conclusions.

Hasta entonces, stay with us!  Con mucho amor…y para un futuro mejor, – El Pollo Rico



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