THE Dr. Bob

Dr. Robert "Bob" Sloves, Ob/Gyn & Moustache Afficionado

An update for you BoMoLocos out there who are participating in the 2nd Annual Dr. Bob Open. If you play with these PDFs [Doc Bob Article v2 p1 Doc Bob Article v2 p2], you can read a really nice story done on the Doc back in ’03 after his melanoma resurfaced. Don’t worry, it’s not depressing. If anything, it focuses on his relationship with his kickass wife Peggy and his political activism in the arena of women’s health.

Celebrate the Doc — Celebrate Movember — BE A PART OF THE DR. BOB OPEN  [CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP]

Enter the volleyball tourney (all levels), the bocce ball showdown (all levels), AND the moustache competition (all levels, all ages, all genders). You’ll have an awesome time and along the way you’ll raise money and awareness for two great causes – Movember USA and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Or if you’re photophobic, wait for the sun to set and join us at the after party being hosted by The Arbor Collective in their Venice showroom with free booze, food, and bands.

Hasta entonces compas – PAZ, AMOR, Y BIGOTES …!!!


~ by El Pollo Rico on September 23, 2011.

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