The ”Dr. Bob” Late Movember 4-Man Co-ed Memorial Classic

"Calling Dr. Bob..."

Buuuuuuenos dias compas! Hace un buen rato que no hablabamos, no? Well, good a time as any to re-enter the shade and cool comfort of our little barraca called ABAHAKA and re-ignite a stimulating dialogue based mostly on… my interests. And this November I’m extremely excited to emerge from hibernation just in time to participate in the glory that is The “Dr. Bob” Late Movember 4-Man Co-ed Memorial Classic.

But perhaps you ask yourself, what in the wide world of cacahuates gigantescos is el Dr. Bob Open?

Let’s begin with el hombre himself – Dr. Bob.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Benjamin Sloves (1932-2006) was an Obstetrician and Gynecologist who practiced in Southern California for almost four decades. If you were born in the South Bay from the late 60’s to the early 00’s, odds are high that this man’s iconic moustache was one of the first things your newborn eyes witnessed as they entered the world. A champion of women’s health and women’s rights, Dr. Bob could always be recognized by his warm smile… and his trademark ‘stache.

What is the Open?

To tip our hats to not only the memory of Dr. Bob but also to the spirit of his life’s work, El Pollo Rico and ABAHAKA formed a strategic partnership with Movember and Movember LA in an effort to combine a good time with the goal of raising money and awareness for health issues that affect men and women but are only in the last several years beginning to be talked about with the candor and concern that they deserve. Accordingly, El Pollo Rico and ABAHAKA teamed with Movember LA’s Stiff Upper Lips to create an event that would bring us all together during the month of Movember to raise funds and awareness for the health issues that are supported by the Movember charity and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center .

The Open takes place at Ocean Park in Santa Monica on Movember 20, 2010 at 9 a.m.

The event will include FOUR competitions:

1. Open Volleyball – The “Tom Selleck” Division

2. BBQ Volleyball – The “Burt Reynolds” Division

3. The Robert Redford Bocce Ball Open

4. The Sam Elliot Moustache Competition

YOU NEED NOT HAVE SKILLS to play BBQ ball, throw a bocce, or grow a stache. In fact, to maximize participation…

YOU NEED NOT HAVE TESTOSTERONE! El Pollo Rico ENCOURAGEs WOMEN TO ENTER THE MOUSTACHE COMPETITION! — use a sharpie, a glue-on, a facial merkin, paint some Rogain on that upper lip… just do what you gotta do!!!

To register, contact Max Sloves via the Facebook page or directly at .

You will need to provide:

a. Your team name

b. Your individual name

c. T-shirt size (specify men’s or women’s)

d. The competition(s) you will be entering

e. $20/person to Max’s PayPal account (memo/subject: Dr. Bob Movember):

I am El Pollo Rico, and I approve this message



~ by El Pollo Rico on November 13, 2010.

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