Abahaka reissues the Splendido Allstars* “Herve” commemorative shirt

El Pollo Rico and abahaka in collaboration with Beynon Design are proud to present a second run of the limited edition remera commemorating the glorious evening circa New Year’s Eve 2006, when a group of musically inclined strangers bumped into each other in a small dark bar in Uruguay and emerged sometime the next morning as the Splendido Allstars. 4 years and 6,300 miles later, en el barrio de Venice, California, the Splendidos continue to welcome new allstars to their ever-evolving quest to achieve the funnest and sweatiest moment of live blues/funk/soul/latin radness. A strictly live project, it’s tough to find bootlegs of their performance… but for those who crave tangible objects to help trigger good memories, EPR reissued what we like to call “The Herve”. As you can see, the front of the t-shirt features an image of the patron saint of all things esplendido, Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize, a man who brought so much happiness to so many people that we invented a palabra para conmemorarlo: “hervear”. Hervear has no direct translation but if you had to put it into other words, it would be fair to say that it means “to be rad”… like Hervé… and Michael Thomas. The design is printed on super soft 50/50 American Apparel tees (Dov Charney may be a sketchy perv, but his gear is hecho en las américas, como abahaka). If you’d like one, Graham and Kim have a few at Shelter or you can always contact El Pollo Rico directly… or even better, go to a Splendido jam. And no, the super pimp couch is not for sale.



~ by El Pollo Rico on May 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Abahaka reissues the Splendido Allstars* “Herve” commemorative shirt”

  1. Yo, senior Pollo Rico, bring some of these schmattes to the jam on Wednesday. I think I’m ready to pony up. I’m thinking probably medium. Probably black.

  2. […] Free BoMo tee for the best captions. Find words to describe the awesome-sauce that Robo is spilling on the beach and choose between the official BoMo tee or the Splendido All*Stars “Herve” shirt. […]

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