Andre and Sarah Charboneaux: pendejos que cocinan comida chingona, Amuse Bouche is culinary genius served with emotional abuse and francocentric neuroses


Amuse Bouche - Andre and Sarah Charboneaux

Hispanohablantes have always had a love/hate relationship with the French.  From the Iberian Peninsula to the Americas, the French have been the continued subject of both infatuation and repulsion – oftentimes a combination of both.  To explain this internally inconsistent dynamic, EPR can think of no better case study to point to than Chef Andre Charboneaux of Amuse Bouche.

How does one describe Andre? In a word, he’s a dick. He is everything that you think about France when you don’t want to think about France.  Arrogant, smug, self-righteous, confrontational, capricious, chauvinistic…and painfully good at what he does. Andre has come to the United States in part to demonstrate to the powers-that-be in food television that he is equally as capable – if not superior – to any of the newly famous TV cooking personalities that have emerged from the Food Network, Bravo’s Top Chef, Travel Channel’s No Reservations, and the other culinary programming that has inundated the airwaves of broadcast and cable TV over the last several years.

Amuse Bouche - Andre and Sarah CharboneauxWhile Andre is brilliant in the kitchen, there are several obstacles that stand between him and his goal of showing us all that he is, as he puts it, “number one chef…in the world”…namely, that he is arrogant, smug, self-righteous, confrontational, capricious, chauvinistic…and I think I left out “abusive” – which anyone who has ever worked for or with Andre would most certainly include on their list.  Another bump in the road that Andre will have to navigate is his partnership with kitchen assistant and wife, Sarah Charboneaux.  While Sarah was born and raised in the United States and thus is unafflicted by Andre’s patently French idiosyncrasies, she has her own set of quirks that could prove fatal to the team’s commercial success.  Most notably, Sarah seems unable or unwilling to make any distinction between remarks that are appropriate, politically incorrect, and flatly racist.  If it were certain that some of her sociopolitical commentary were in jest, one might find her to be edgy in a comedic sense… but it just isn’t clear whether Sarah can grasp the import of the unfiltered verbal ejaculations that periodically burst from her mouth…that is, when Andre allows her to speak.

However, if one has the opportunity to partake of Charboneaux’s cooking, your taste buds will delight in his decadent yet elegant creations….but when dining in the presence of this dysfunctional couple, avoid direct eye contact and resist the temptation to slap Andre when he and his wife insult or offend you…which they most definitely will…remember, he works with sharp knives and Sarah has spent time in prison (this is true).  At the moment, Andre and Sarah have put their brick and mortar aspirations on the back burner while they commit full time to developing an on-air presence, however, they periodically host live recordings of their cooking show where all audience members get the opportunity to taste Andre’s latest creations while sampling an array of wines chosen by Andre himself.  If you are willing to swallow your pride in order to swallow the most delicious foie gras you have ever tasted, look for the next live taping of Amuse Bouche with Andre and Sarah Charboneaux.

EPR can’t say that this couple is necesarily blazing a trail para un futuro mejor… but damn, ¡que rico la comida de este pendejo frances!

RATING: ***1/2   (EDITOR’S NOTE: EPR deducted a star when Sarah Charboneaux threatened him with a sharpened chopstick after he asked for some Tapatio)


~ by El Pollo Rico on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Andre and Sarah Charboneaux: pendejos que cocinan comida chingona, Amuse Bouche is culinary genius served with emotional abuse and francocentric neuroses”

  1. I love Andre and Sara Charboneaux’s show. They are such a extraordinary culinarian couple. I hope to see more shows in the future. At the moment, I have only had the pleasure of viewing the two great chefs on facebook. I do hope the networks sign this amazing duo soon. I would look forward to seeing them on the big screen, where they deserve to be.

    Toni Alcott
    Mandeville, LA

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