Si Maradona tiene el Mano de Dios…Dios nos esta dando el pajaro – Does Argentina REALLY want to pin its hopes on the Golden Boy

La gloria del pasado de La Seleccion...

La gloria del pasado de La Seleccion...

The fact that a nation as talent rich in futbol as Argentina is struggling… I don’t mean doggedly scrapping but desperately SCRAPING to qualify for the World Cup is nothing less than criminal.  So let’s quickly visit the decision to hire Diego Armando Maradona as the squad’s new jefe.  Dude is good for entertainment value – in a freak show/train wreck sense – but other than that, how incompetent and myopic would you have to be to trust the success of Argentina’s national team and to a large extent Argentina’s national pride to someone as notoriously erratic, unreliable, and flatly bizarre as Diego Maradona? He blessed Argentina with the (in)famous “Hand of God” goal that propelled Argentina to World Cup victory in ’86, but since then his fame has been increasingly linked to cocaine abuse and mysterious “rehab” retreats in Cuba.  To try to put this in SOME perspective for the norteamericanos, Allen Iverson is without doubt one of the greatest single talents to ever pick up a basketball… but I don’t see anyone asking him to coach the national team!  (In fact, the analogy is probably unfair to AI.) What could bring this closer to home…Darryl Strawberry?  …Bob Welch?? … John Daly…??? Vamos Argentina…¡Vamos! 

So yeah, if Diego Maradona is the “Hand of God” …then God is giving Argentina the finger! futura de La Seleccion? futura de La Seleccion?


~ by El Pollo Rico on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Si Maradona tiene el Mano de Dios…Dios nos esta dando el pajaro – Does Argentina REALLY want to pin its hopes on the Golden Boy”

  1. How bout some links inside the post to some articles that we gringos can read about his erratic behavior? Would be great xo

  2. Hola Chi Chi, ¡muchísimas gracias por el comentario amigo/a! You forced me to learn how to imbed links in a post this afternoon…¡qué bueno! If you return to the above post, you’ll find a link to a Washington Post photo essay and corresponding article that detail some of the better known adventures in the life of nuestro Diego. Lots of drugs, lots of rehab, seesaw battles with obesity, stomach stapling, insulting the Pope, palling around with Fidel Castro, Dancing with the Stars – Italy Edition, millions of dollars in unpaid taxes…which leads us to the second “live” link in the above post. Owing $54 million in back taxes from his playing days in Italy, Maradona has chipped away at his debt to the Italian government by offering them two Rolex watches and most recently a pair of earrings. If Uncle Sam ever comes knocking on my door, hopefully the IRS will accept an old pair of my Vans. They’re pretty rad, black and grey checkerboard pattern. Thanks for the tax tip Diego!

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