¡Dios mio! – Juan Martin Del Potro putting the pimphand down at Ashe Stadium

Watching Marin Cilic vs. Juan Martin del Potro is like watching the next stage of athletic evolution.  Two guys, 6’6″ who can bomb from the baseline, serve and volley, and have the quicks to cover the court like Michael Chang.  It’s ridiculous!  Okay, so saying they’re as fast as Little Miguelito Chang is a tad bit ridiculous but the level these guys play at merits some hyperbole.   Especially Del Potro – his game is incredibly complete and sophisticated for a young dude who could easily be content to lean on that heavy first serve.  He’s well aware of the difference between a one trick pony and true tennis player and he’s pushing himself to be the latter.  With his skill set, increased experience, and growing confidence, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to go all the way…well…I suppose there are three reasons – Djokovic…Nadal…and Federer.  UPDATE: After Del Potro’s dismantling of Cilic in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sets, it looks like the other semifinalists are indeed the only 3 players who have any chance of derailing the Argentine’s run to the title.   And if he wins, the Argentinos  might be able to distract themselves – if only for a moment – from the circus that Maradona has made of the Selección.

Vanguard of the next generation

Vanguard of the next generation


~ by El Pollo Rico on September 10, 2009.

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