Slice Wars – Episode I: Artichoke vs. Muzzarella

Not too shabby...but worth the hype?

Not too shabby...but worth the hype?

Artichoke on 14th Street, NYC.  Overrated.  Why stand in line when the hombres at Pizza Muzzarella on 14th and Ave. A will sling you a superior slice in half the time?  Broader selection too – good classics, an excellent cheeseless, decent pesto, a veggie slice that is engulfed with a cornicopea of legumes and greens and other stuff that’ll cleanse your guts out in ways that are welcome and ways that aren’t, and then they have some downright filthy guilty pleasures (picture a slice with groundbeef, bacon and jalapenos covered in lunchbox style squares of American cheese – yes, I ate it…yes, it was good…and yes, I felt pain the next day).  And Pizza Muzz is a few doors down from one of the best and most super-secret underground taquerias en Nueva York.  If the slice doesn’t satisfy you, seek out the carnitas.  Oh such juicy carnitas…! So if you wanna hang on 14th and drink a beer and chat and eat a slice and check people out or whatever, I suppose Artichoke is cool…but for a quick and dirty slice, walk 20 more yards and enjoy the fine pie and other delights that they’re slicing up at the Muzz.


~ by El Pollo Rico on September 4, 2009.

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