Long Beach Funkfest 2009

Hit the Floor (album cover)

Hot damn!  Normally EPR is in full harmony with his natural surroundings but with triple digit heat (fahrenheit, guey!) and wildfires burning across the county, the people of LA had to dig deep to peel themselves off the couch yesterday.  But sometimes there are forces greater than nature that come into play.  In the great ciudad de Long Beach, local leyendas OO-Soul joined forces with new school torchbearers Baby Stone and Breakestra and combined their powers to form a vortex of funk whose collective gravity shattered the midday lethargy, drew crowds of funk starved peoples to the corner of Broadway and Pine, and got folks sweating and wheezing for all the RIGHT reasons. Opening for a virtual godfathers of funk line up at this first annual (free) event, these three were part of an early day onslaught of filthiness that made my mouth water and my knees shake.  Credit the ciudad of Long Beach with providing a venue with easy ingress, easy egress, clean sound systems and plenty of room to express yourself.  And credit la gente – the good citizens of LBC and the many guests that visited the ciudad – with joining together in a diverse and balanced blend that all shared a love for the performers’ energy on the stage and the deeyays’ deftness on the turntables.  Sometimes we struggle to contrive new traditions… Long Beach has tapped into one that should have been there all along.  And all within walking distance of Supermex!  El futuro ya me parece mejor en este barrio.


OO Soul - Classic flyer from the Foothill days


~ by El Pollo Rico on August 30, 2009.

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